Rooted in Americana and country, folk and blues, Jesse Revel brings a unique style to these American musical genres, infecting the music with visceral expressions of life’s pains and an unabashed lust for love, life, sex and music.

Jesse Revel’s music has been described as the best qualities of “Monster Magnet drug by David Lynch through the finest mid-western mud.” And if you know what that means, let him know, he’s been pondering it for years.

“Revel has a big enough voice for five men and the vocal chords of an aged bottle of whiskey,” and he uses it to sing songs about hard times, the extremes of the American experience, friendships and relationships, loss, love, getting ahead and being left behind.

“Jesse plays with the grit that suggests he’s been involved in his fair share of brawls,” and he has, be they with growing up in a broken home and many years in poverty, to recent near death, troubles and heartbreak. His music is a constant celebration of the good and the bad. Jesse takes it all and blasts it through a big guitar to the beat of his heavy foot stomping through every ordeal.